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During the past decade I have produced numerous books. Some were with my good friend Ken Rush about "Watching Wildlife" but most were on my own for various causes and events.

 All of the books are available for purchase at a modest cost.

Clicking on a specific book will take you to a link to preview or purchase it.

Ken Rush Memories - 1950 - 2019

Ken was my dear friend for over 40 years. We shared many great adventures both at Hewlett Packard and later at Agilent Technologies as well as pursuing our passion of photography. We visited many, many National Parks and Wildlife Refuges around the US. 

35 tears of French family photos documenting the wonderful family events and times sharing fun experiences on Cape Cod. Started by Robert and Phyllis and continued by Dave and Chitra through more than three decades. Numerous locations around Cape Cod including Orleans, Wellfleet, Yarmouth, South Dennis and Dennis Port. 

Karla Heard-Price passed away quite suddenly many, many years before she should have. This book is dedicated to her and while I only knew her for 18 months, the time was very memorable and cherished. 

The latest book in our Watching Wildlife series features scenes like Monument Valley Utah at sunrise, aspen panoramas in Colorado, Rufous Hummingbirds, and Bobcat relaxing in the sun.

This is a photo book that documents John Suther's successful 2015 campaign to become mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado. John's journey through many candidate debates, forums, meet and greet, and Honk and Wave events are highlighted as well as his inauguration as the campstone of the campaign. 

This book was inspired by the incredible courage and sacrifice of the Wounded Warriors during the games held at the Air Force Academy and The US Olympic Training Center in 2013 and 2014.

I created this book in their honor and freely sell it at no profit to anyone who is interested in remembering, honoring and supporting these incredible athletes and heroes.

The wedding of our dear friends’ son in Portsmouth, N.H.

The latest book from the Fall 2014 show for the Westside Photo Club.

The Westside Photo Club in Colorado Springs hosts a show about twice a year. This book captured each of the participant’s entries in the show.

In memory of our really good friend, Diane Edge, who passed after a 13-year battle with a very aggressive cancer. We miss you Diane!

Third in the Watching Wildlife series with Ken Rush with photos from 2009 - 2012.

Celebrating the 80th birthday of Phyllis French, my much loved mother-in-law, in Schenectady, New York where she was surrounded by her husband and many children, grandchildren and friends.

We have published Watching Wildlife books on a three-year cycle. This one showcases our best photos from 2006 - 2009.

The first book that Ken Rush and I published highlights our best wildlife and nature photos taken through 2006.

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