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I am a veteran of the U.S. Army and a recently retired engineering manager who worked in the high-tech field for 30 years. I first started taking pictures when I was 8 years old with a Kodak Instamatic 100 that my mother purchased for me on a visit to Six Flags Over Texas near Dallas. I was instantly enthralled by the thrill of capturing moments and looking back on them later.

I purchased my first serious camera, a Nikkormat, while serving in the Army in Korea. There I enjoyed landscape photography as well as capturing many flowers in the area. I didn't know very much at the time, but remember subscribing to the Time-Life Photography series, which I still have. They were wonderful resources on technology and skills as well as exposing me to many great photographers and their images.

Once out of college and starting a family, I purchased a Canon A1 upon the advice of my friend and co-worker, Ken Rush. That camera launched me into taking family photos as well as exploring the many beautiful scenes in my newly adopted state of Colorado.

I made the move to digital in 2003 with the purchase of a Canon 20D; a great camera with which I have taken many fun photos including the Great Egret featured on the cover of the first book that Ken and I published, Watching Wildlife 2006. My latest cameras are a Canon 5D Mark III and a Leica Q (great for walking around with). I own many Canon lenses from a 16-35 f/4 wide-angle all the way to a 500 m f/4 and also part-ownership in a 600mm f/4.

You can see in my albums that I love all things in nature - birds, bears, landscapes, butterflies, foxes, wolves - but I also love photographing sports and special events such as the Warrior Games.

The hobby has taken me to many interesting and beautiful locations. Recently that has involved photographing wolves in Yellowstone, waterfalls in Yosemite, Great Egrets in San Diego and Charleston, South Carolina and puffins, bald eagles, and bears in Alaska.

I continue to seek out new and different locations and usually take along plenty of camera gear to ensure capturing a moment worthy of sharing with you. I’ll continue to look for the right light and setting in nature that excites me (and hopefully you). Also in a private area are photos from various family events and vacations that Susan and I have enjoyed.


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Dan's photo of Jim Densmore's Cessna 180 flying through Monument Valley was chosen as the cover photo for a recent issue of the Cessna Pilots Association magazine.

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Recently my Great Egret photo was chosen by the New York Audubon Society for use in their literature and as a Meme on their website.

World-renowned prostate cancer researcher and surgeon, Dr. Willam Catalona, regularly showcases my photos in his QUEST Newsletter. It is an honor to be associated with and recognized by such a prestigious publication. The female Broad-Tailed hummingbird on the cover of the Winter 2014 issue was photographed in Colorado where they summer each year.

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This striking Wood Duck was chosen as first place winner in the Agilent Technologies Photo-Eye contest. This is a worldwide program that gives employees of the company a chance to showcase their latest and best photos. It was an honor to be chosen as first place from such a large and creative group of people.

Broadtail Hummingbird female "Mid-Turn"

This beautiful female Broad-Tailed hummingbird in "Mid-Turn" won first place in a contest at our local Westside Community Center Photo Club.

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Official campaign photographer for John Suthers' successful 2015 mayoral bid in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"Fire on the Mountain", Half-Dome at sunset, Yosemite NP

3rd Place in the 2016 Pikes Peak Cheyenne Mountain Library Photo Contest.

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